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Dear readers,

Climate change is a real challenge to farming – not only in far away countries but also here, in our all homelands in Europe. Harvest losses, irredeemable damage to natural resources and the destruction of farmers’ economic viability are among the most serious effects of climate change. While we can try to adapt to these effects we also must do our utmost to counter climate change: agriculture, especially intensive production systems, does contribute considerably to climate change. In Europe, agriculture accounts for about 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. This portion needs to be reduced – and organic farming can lead the way.

The SOLMACC project sets out to demonstrate what difference climate friendly practices can make. This initiative on strategies for organic and low-input-farming to mitigate and adapt to climate change was launched in winter 2013 and is co-financed by the LIFE programme of DG Environment.

The more farmers apply climate friendly practices the better we can counter climate change. I hope you will find useful information and encouragement from this project. Contact us for more information!

Marco Schlüter
SOLMACC Supervisor




Knowledgeable consortium

SOLMACC is run by a consortium of five partners. 

IFOAM EU, Ekologiska Lantbrukarna, AIAB, Bioland Beratung GmbH and FiBL all provide essential expertise to the project. Together we are well equipped to carry out this 5-year project.

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Objective: wider adoption of climate-friendly practices

SOLMACC aims to raise awareness about climate friendly farming practices and motivate farmers.



Increased awareness on the possibilities for climate friendly practices among the farming community, be it organic or conventional, is a key goal. Political decision makers, especially among the EU institutions, will be informed about the possibilities and advantages of climate friendly farming and the lessons learnt.

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Climate friendly practices

The participating SOLMACC farms will implement a set of climate friendly practices.

The project consortium has designed individual practices for each of the 12 farms, starting in autumn 2014. The initial situation in 2014 will be investigated (carbon sequestration, avoidance of CO2 emissions) and compared to the results received in 2018. The practices to be applied are on-farm nutrient recycling, crop rotations, reduced tillage and agroforestry.

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Twelve farms from Germany, Sweden and Italy make up the network of SOLMACC farms.



These farms are situated in three different climatic regions and differ in production profiles. What unites all of them is that they are run by innovative and courageous farmers who are highly motivated to contribute to fighting climate change.

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SOLMACC is coordinated by

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SOLMACC is co-financed by LIFE, Directorate General of the Environment of the European Commission
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