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Dear readers,

2016 has been a successful and very interesting year for the SOLMACC project. The 12 farmers in Sweden, Germany and Italy continue to implement the climate-friendly practices on their farms and this year, 5 of them opened their doors to other farmers, farm advisors and policy makers to demonstrate and discuss their work on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Furthermore, our project partner FiBL analysed data from all 12 farms and presented first results on how the practices help farmers to save greenhouse gas emissions. In first assessments, some of the SOLMACC climate-friendly farming practices show a great potential to reduce GHG emissions up to 15% on organic farms.

Next to the practical implementation on the farms, we have also increased our advocacy work which aims at providing the right policy framework for climate-friendly and sustainable farming. Part of these efforts was an event on “How can the CAP drive climate change mitigation and adaptation in the agriculture sector?” in November.

Our work for more climate-friendly farming will continue in the next years with more events and publications. SOLMACC will, for example, be part of a BioFach session on practical research on climate change in organic agriculture.

You find more information about our project activities in this newsletter.

Ann-Kathrin Trappenberg
SOLMACC project coordinator, IFOAM EU

Fields of SOLMACC farm 'Pfänder', credits Florian Pfänder

Climate-friendly practices applied: optimized crop rotations

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the farms, SOLMACC farmers implement different changes in their crop rotation systems, including an increased share of grain legumes and increasing forage legumes/grass-legume leys.

Photo: Fields of the SOLMACC demonstration farm 'Pfänder' in Germany
© Florian Pfänder

Find out more on how some of the SOLMACC farmers implement this practice

andreas gattinger and audience_Ann-Kathrin Trappenberg

How can the CAP drive climate change mitigation and adaptation in the agriculture sector?

On 9 November, IFOAM EU organized a seminar on the topic of 'How can the CAP drive climate change mitigation and adaptation in the agriculture sector?'. The event took place at the Committee of the Regions, supported by the German region of Nordrhein-Westfalen. It included a presentation of the first results of the SOLMACC climate-friendly practices as well as presentations and discussions on how the CAP and rural development programmes can support climate-friendly farming.

Photo: Andreas Gattinger during his presentation the seminar at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels
© Ann-Kathrin Trappenberg

Find all presentations of the event on the SOLMACC website

Field day at SOLMACC demonstration farm Trägsta

Open Field Day at SOLMACC demonstration farms in Sweden, Germany and Italy

From August to October, five open field days took place on different demonstration farms. The farmers welcomed colleagues, farm advisors and policy makers to demonstrate the climate-friendly farming practices and discuss their practical implementation.

Photo: Open field day at SOLMACC demonstration farm 'Trägsta' in Sweden
© Maria Dirke

Read the reports from the field days on the SOLMACC website


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